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Becky has been an audio professional for over 25 years.  She previously worked on Halo Infinite, as Senior Audio Producer, and prior to that was Audio Director at PopCap Games - working on Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes, PVZ 2, Peggle 2 and Bejeweled.


Håkan has been working on AAA games since 2008, crafting worlds for game series such as Far Cry, The Division and Hitman.


A Level Designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Martin got his start making games as a kid, dabbling in both art and design. Working professionally in the industry since 2013, Martin’ notable credits include Hitman 2 and Hitman 3.


Damian has been working in the games industry for 6 years as a concept artist. During that time he has worked on titles for various companies such as NetherRealm, Bethesda, Warner Brothers and Activision amongst others. His work has mainly been on characters, but Damian enjoys drawing and painting mostly anything he can.


A high school dropout and 26 year veteran design lead, Harley has served on Republic Commando, Tomb Raider, Rock Band, Call of Duty & XCOM IPs, as well as the VR IPs I Expect You To Die and Until You Fall. (she/her)


Beginning his career working on games such as Valgrave and Lodestar, Julián is a 3D artist and SCAD game dev graduate who specializes in designing unique hard surface objects that players interact with.


Kalina is a concept artist who is passionate about visual storytelling and crafting engaging worlds. She's spent the past few years working on “As Dusk Falls.”


Brett has led many engineering teams over his two decades in the games industry, including at LucasArts (Jedi Starfighter, Republic Commando) and Bethesda Game Studios (Skyrim, Fallout 4).


Stephen comes to TSC with 5+ years of QA experience, having previously worked on PlayStation Studios titles such as Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, and God of War Ragnarök.


James started out as a hobbyist creating Quake character skins and has since spent 20-ish years modeling, texturing, rigging and animating characters in games such as Unreal Tournament, Dark Sector, Firefall, and the Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners for VR.


Brandon worked on Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and most recently at Crystal Dynamics on Avengers.


Erin has been writing in one form or another since she learned to properly hold a pencil, and now has several years of experience in the game writing sphere for everything from character bios to combat barks. (she/her)


Janine got her start as a game writer on the Hitman franchise. She also tells stories through tabletop gaming as a cast member on the actual play podcast "Friends at the Table."


Es likes to connect the dots, with an emphasis on people. She has worked on various titles, across all major platforms, in development and publishing environments. She believes that, through compassion and psychological safety, we can make a better industry.


Da’Vier is a graduate from Michigan State University’s Game Design and Development Program. Always a fan of a good story, he’s eager to help give games depth and provide players with enriching plotlines and memorable characters.


With 17 years experience in the games industry, Rosie has worked as a Level Designer on franchises such as Dead Space and Call of Duty.


Greg has spent many years in the industry leading art on projects at ImageMovers Digital, DoubleFine, and Electronic Arts.


William is a concept artist with experience in video games, film, and vfx. He specializes in environment storytelling, sets and world building. Companies and freelance clients include Ubisoft, Netease Games, Digital Domain and Pixomondo.


Elizabeth is an award-winning game writer recently inducted into the Women in Games Hall of Fame who brings fifteen years of experience.


Tim is lucky enough to have been making games for a long time within some of his favorite worlds with some of his favorite people. He is often thinking about journeying out into the deep wilderness though, and speaking of which... (he/him)


For over 20 years Troy has been creating gameplay experiences on  titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Halo, Tomb Raider, Killzone, and Republic Commando. He has a passion for games that entertain, inspire, teach and bring people together. (he/him)


With origins in the mod and indie scenes, Brendan has been making art for games professionally for 14+ years. Recent projects include Oberhasli, a virtual world and interactive concert for artist deadmau5. Four of his games have been IGF nominees.


Michelle is an Associate Sound Designer at Twin Suns. Having completed two summer apprenticeships at Turn 10, and one at 343 Studios, she has gained a deep love for creating and recording sounds for video games.


With 16+ years of game art experience, Geoff has had the unique experience of having worked on a wide range of game genres including Dead Space, Dead Rising, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, FIFA, and Call of Duty. (he/him)


Having spent the bulk of his video gaming career in LucasArts and Bandai Namco Studios, Ian brings with him a mix of the best of "East & West" game dev to Twin Suns Corp.


Ranging from 3D printing to product design, Tony has worked on a variety of projects as a freelance digital artist. Now living his dream, Tony is excited to bring his creative experience in design to games.


Paul is a 20+ year veteran of the game industry. His employers and freelance clients include LucasArts, Disney Imagineering, Glu Mobile, Kabam, Akili Interactive and 2K Games.


Mark has worked on a number of titles in the Assassins's Creed franchise as both Level Designer and Mission Designer.


Making games since 2014, Dan crafted sound effects and soundscapes for the Tomb Raider franchise and worked most recently on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.


Akiyoshi has been working on AAA games in the Japanese games industry for 15 years. Specializing in both environment and weapon creation, he has developed titles including Splatoon, Zelda BotW, XenobladeChronicleX, and FF7R. He is passionate about creating immersive experiences.


Joseph counts himself fortunate to have worked on multiple Assassin's Creed titles during his time in Ubisoft Singapore & Montréal, as gameplay programmer, lead, and eventually supporting various tech functions. He deeply believes that the team is fundamental to success. (he/him)


Having a keen interest in both Tech & Art, Eliana has worked on multiple Assassin's Creed titles, contributing to the creation of Art tools & pipelines within the Anvil Editor.


A circuitous route from archaeology to game design led Rudi ultimately to production, where she delights in being part of incredible teams and helping thoughtful, creative devs do their best work.


After years as a student of mathematics and government, Claire has changed course and is diving into the world of gaming.  She hopes to bring her zeal for teamwork, sportsmanship, and numbers as well as her fresh perspective.


Przemek is an engine/graphics programmer with over twelve years of professional experience. He has a passion for researching and implementing great solutions to general game engines and graphics related problems.


Chris has been making games for over 25 years, having worked on Donkey Kong, Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, Halo, Hololens, and God of War. While maintaining a few old skool tricks, Chris is always eager to learn new techniques in order to bring next-gen visuals to a platform near you.


An experienced and multifaceted game engineer, GZ previously worked at LucasArts and Bandai Namco Singapore.

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