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Finding New Suns With...

Twin Suns Corp is a new world-class global video game studio developing action games for console and PC.​

We believe that great people make great games.

In our "Finding New Suns with..." series, we showcase some of our Trailblazers whose journeys, passion and energy bring our games to life and into the hands of gamers all around the globe. 

Tony Pommells, Character Artist, Twin Suns Trailblazer

Tell us a little about your journey in Character Art

I like to say I took the scenic route in that I was in the realms of business, sales, food, design, and entertainment before I landed within the game industry. Thankfully I do have a background in art, my high school was a specialized art school. Of course in between those jobs, I'd freelanced here and there but this is my first full-time position within the field. It was a journey for sure but, I'm happy to have taken that journey and will continue to, as I keep moving forward in my career.

So what exactly do you do at Twin Suns Corp?

I spend my time at Twin Suns Corp, working on characters and I help out with environment assets here and there too. Although my focus currently is on a few specific characters.

What gets you the most excited about Twin Suns Corp?


Being able to playtest the game with coworkers. Being able to see the game improve all the time while chatting it up with people is always a good time.

If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?


If I could pick a superpower, it'd be luck. It's hands down the most OP-ed power that somehow gets underrated.


Any advice to others looking to break into Character Art and also traits you look for in a Character Artist?

With software and hardware constantly advancing, I recommend mastering the basics of shapes, composition, lighting, and color. Those have really carried me far and I can't say I've mastered them yet but understanding how to use and implement them helps SO much. Of course also, keeping in mind there is always room for improvement. No need to do entire projects to study, you can do bite sized studies with different focuses; arms, hands, feet, legs, faces, face expressions, etc. It doesn't always have to be a full character for you to improve.

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