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“There is nothing new under the sun,
  but there are new suns.”

Octavia E. Butler

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Twin Suns Corp is a new, fully-remote, global video game studio developing action games for console and PC.

Through a collaborative and independent spirit we plan to bring uniquely creative and unexpected experiences to players across the planet.

We believe that great people make great games and supporting our team through fair and ethical development will mean our games will be better for it.

Check out our Team page for more information!

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People Above All

We give our team a healthy work culture and an environment of mutual respect that nurtures creativity, collaboration and growth.

Truth and Honesty

Everyone has a voice. We foster a culture of transparency that creates equity, values genuine ownership and champions accountability.

Fail and Learn

We embrace the fact that things don’t always work. We want to learn from mistakes and be constantly iterating and solving problems to make the game better every day.

Ego at the Door

We strive to be humble, empathic, and compassionate while bringing a healthy passion to what we do.

Listening to Succeed

The best ideas come unexpectedly. We set a clear direction and stay open to take in the best ideas from the team.



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Twin Suns Corp at GamesCom Asia 2023

October 13, 2023


Hello everyone. We at Twin Suns Corp wanted to give you an overdue update on the company status and our recent past during these turbulent times. We felt it best to be as open as we can to our development community and peers.


Unfortunately, we experienced layoffs in January of this year. This happened right in the middle of various possible in-progress deals that ended up not making it in time for our runway, despite our planning and patience. The team was aware that this could happen for quite some time and we were disappointed when we couldn’t make the timing work and had to officially part ways with people. It is grim out there for sure. However, due to the amazing talent and graciousness, the team is doing their best to hang on while looking for new jobs, but we are also holding out hope for something coming together to allow for a rebuilding phase for Twin Suns.


We are grateful to announce that recently we were able to secure a partnership which allows us to hire a portion of the team back and start that rebuilding process. Though just the beginning of our rebuilding, it is a testament to the culture, people and drive that the team was willing to hang in there and also to come back at all. We’ve built something pretty special with Twin Suns and none of us wanted to let it go easily. So we kept fighting for it through bootstrapping and continued constant biz dev work trying to find a path forward.


We need to focus on the people first to make great games and great companies and healthy environments, letting nothing and no one stand in the way of that goal. We believe there are things to be hopeful for and we are so excited to now start Twin Suns 2.0 and get the band back together and keep the dream alive. But we are not done yet and there is still more work to do to secure the future.


We still can’t say much about our internal project we have been working on. It is still going strong, super fun and very unique. We look forward to sharing details farther down the road. As far as what else we are up to, we’ll share when we can. But it is great to have some of the team back together and we continue to work on business development to find more opportunities for the rest of our team with more irons in the fire as we speak. We won’t quit, for everyone’s sake.


We know it is hard right now. Like nothing our industry has seen before. We recognize the strong talent and resilience of the people we weren't able to retain. If we support each other, focus on the great people out there, and protect and defend each other by sticking to our values, we can ride this out. When things shift again, we will be ready. Hang in there! There is hope.


Twin Suns Corp


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